[album] Johnny Mathis - The Singles (2015)

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[album] Johnny Mathis - The Singles (2015)

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Johnny Mathis - The Singles (2015)

Artist: Johnny Mathis
Name: The Singles
Style: Older
Date: 2015
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 149 мб.
01 Wonderful! Wonderful!
02 When Sunny Gets Blue
03 It's Not For Me To Say
04 Warm And Tender
05 Chances Are
06 The Twelfth Of Never
07 Wild Is The Wind
08 No Love (But Your Love)
09 When I Am With You
10 Come To Me
11 All The Time
12 Teacher, Teacher
13 A Certain Smile
14 Let It Rain
15 Call Me
16 Stairway To The Sea (Scalinatella)
17 You Are Beautiful
18 Let's Love
19 Someone
20 Very Much In Love
21 I Look At You
22 The Flame Of Love
01 Small World
02 You Are Everything To Me
03 The Story Of Our Love
04 The Best Of Everything
05 Cherie
06 Starbright
07 All Is Well
08 Hey Love
09 My Love For You
10 Oh That Feeling
11 How To Handle A Woman
12 While You're Young
13 You Set My Heart To Music
14 Jenny
15 Should I Wait (Or Should I Run To Her)
16 Laurie, My Love
17 Wasn't The Summer Short?
18 There You Are
19 My Kind Of Christmas
20 Christmas Eve
21 Sweet Thursday
22 One Look
23 Marianna
24 Unaccustomed As I Am
25 That's The Way It Is

Oh my love, it's time
You know how it feels
You read between the lines
You know me better than I do...